February 25, 2009

The Big Nine

Nine years ago Orin joined our family, and boy, are we glad! Orin is an incredible young man. He loves baseball and will be starting soon in the Cal Ripkin league. He gets really good grades and all of his teachers love him. Orin recently earned his Wolf rank in Cub Scouts and now he will be joining the Bear den. Orin has been working on his Articles of Faith and has all of them memorized except for the 13th. (He is working on that one.) He is reading the Harry Potter series and is almost done with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix which is the 5th book. His goal is to finish the 6th book before the movie comes out this summer. He doesn't want me to mention that all the girls love him but they do!! Orin is learning to play the piano and he has some natural skills. He loves to practice and he never complains. (At least not yet.) Some of Orin's amazing qualities include being obedient, kind, loving, humble, reverent, helpful, and he is a natural peace maker. He is also super, duper adorable! There are a few unique things about Orin that makes him who he is. He doesn't like stroganoff, he rarely smiles but when he does his whole face lights up, he has a great head of hair, he doesn't like to order his own food at a resturaunt, he is a boy of very few words, he loves his siblings and they are his best friends, and he loves the X-box. I love watching Orin grow up and have enjoyed every moment with him.
I can't wait to see what the next nine years will bring.

Happy birthday Orin!! Your famliy loves you!

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The Cecil Clan said...

Wow! Happy Birthday, Orin! What a cutie - love the glasses! I can't believe he's 9 - where does time go?