April 18, 2009

Goats and Dogs

Welcome to Fallon!

If you live in Fallon you've got to attend the Jr. Livestock Show and Auction. But you'd better beware because it makes your kids want to show livestock. Adia has a friend who showed a steer. (T-Bone weighed 1150 lbs!) Imagine a little girl not much bigger than Adia leading a giant beast around an arena. Cutest thing ever. Adia helped her friend wash and comb and clip the beast. Remember that Adia is the child who used to scream at anything moving. Now think of her washing a COW! I was astonished. To get on with it, Adia informed me that she would be showing a goat at the state fair in August. Where she got that idea I'll never know. Lucky us, her friend's family breeds goats. So, because we are the nicest people ever, we are letting Adia buy a goat to show. (We might be in for it.)
Here is Adia's goat. His name is BLAZE. Blaze was born February 13. (The same day that MuShu died.)

Here is Adia with Blaze and Blaze's Mommy.

Here is another view of Blaze.

Hamilton now thinks that he is going to show goats too! He jumped right in the pen with the goats and started catching the babies. He loves them. He wasn't quite brave enough to catch the older goats, but it won't be long an he will be.

In the pen with the goats is a Great Pyrenees. The picture does not do this dog justice. Luke is HUGE! He protects the goats from predators that might be lurking in the nearby desert. Hamilton the Brave loves Luke and isn't scared to pet him. Notice that Tootsie is in my arms in the background. She is dwarfed by this dog. He could eat her in one little nibble.
Speaking of Tootsie....Tootsie's hair has been a bit wild lately. You can't see her face, she picks up every little grass or weed, and she started having a hard time pooping. (You don't want to know what measures I've taken to help her be more comfortable.) She got all her puppy shots and is vaccinated so the groomer will see her now. We took her in on Thursday to get a hair cut. She went in looking like a poofy hair ball and came out looking like Oscar the Grouch. (Except she isn't green.) She isn't a very photogenic dog, but take my word for it, she is super-duper cute in person. You can't help but love this animal!


Jennifer said...

OHHH!! So stinkin cute! Good luck with the goats too! I having a hard time with just my little munchkin! Just goes to show what a good mom and dad you guys are.

Grandma J said...

Hmmm...Old MacDonald had a farm. He has a dog and a goat and what's next? I'd say washing a cow is a talent. Now, not everyone has that talent! And, Tootsie. . .She doesn't look like the same dog! Are you sure you didn't make a swap somewhere?

probst said...

Goats, cows, dogs, what's next? Maybe a pig. Oh yes! Tootsie looks like a different dog with the dark hair all trimmed off. Did they give you back the same dog you took in? If you need goat advice, ask Evan. He sold all his. Glad to see the kids aren't afraid of animals anymore.

Mom, Wife, and, Student said...

You crack me up! I can't wait to see Blaze next year. Some of those goats were HUGE!

Garlick said...

Wow! You are might brave...good luck with the goat.

Yvonne Dixon said...

You must not have heard our horror stories of our goat!!! First of all, the goat will learn to be a dog, so whatever the dog gets away with, the goat thinks he will too, ie: chasing cars down the street, jumping on our rare, ragtop type III volkswagen and eating all the dog food. So watch out if Tootsie sleeps in bed with you! And then there's the time the goat tried to kill me. True story, but not enough space here! Good luck!!!