May 6, 2009

My Baby is SEVEN!!

(This slide show doesn't have any sound. I figured my blog already has enough noise goin' on.)

I can't beleive it has been seven years since Hams was born. It seems like yesterday I was waiting and waiting (just about dying) for him to join our family. Hamilton adds a dynamic to our family that I just could't live without. I laugh more. I yell more. I get frustrated more and I love more. I get more hugs and kisses with Hams around. We also go through "pink" bubble gum more!

There isn't anyone quite like Hams. He is shy. Sometimes. He is playful. Always. Except when he is hungry. He never stops talking. NEVER. He knows how to bat those beautiful eyes and work 'em. (Just like Puss in Boots.) And, man oh man, can he loose his temper. But he has learned how to control it. Mostly. (He has only tried to ring Orin's neck once that I know of.)

Hamilton loves to learn. He loves to learn about golf and wrestling. He loves to learn about music and notes. He loves to learn about anything school related. (e.g. math, reading, spelling, and science.) And he loves to learn about church stuff, especially during our "gospel discussions" on Mondays.

Milton is super-duper loving. He loves to hug and cuddle up. He still will ask if he can sit in my "nest" when we watch a movie. (That started back in '07 when I was sick and couldn't do much but laze around.) Every night he likes to be tucked in and kissed goodnight. Nothing melts a heart more than a "Mommy, I love you." especially when accompanied with his big, beautiful, puppydog eyes.

One thing that makes Hamilton Hamilton, is his picky-eaterness. It is a wonder that the child grows at all. I'm pretty sure that all of his nutrition comes from cold cereal and oreos and once in a while, a hot dog.

Hamilton has style and swagger. He can breakdance and groove with the best of them. His hair, I think, speaks for itself. And, if you've ever seen him with his sweatbands on you'll know what I mean by style.

Hamilton has a laugh that is infectious. (Don't worry... not potentially lethal like swine flu.) He can giggle and laugh enough to make YOUR cheeks hurt from smiling at him. I wish I could bottle that laugh and let it out whenever I want to be cheered up. It really is a great characteristic of his.

How lucky am I to be Hamilton's mom? Very. He is one of my greatest blessings.


probst said...

Hamilton is such prize child. I love to be around him and listen to his stories he can tell. He has more expression in those eyes than I have ever seen. Enjoy him as much as you can now for it won't be long until he is grown and on his own. Happy birthday to Ham.

Grandma J said...

Thanks for showing all those pictures. My most favorite is of him squatting eating his cold cereal. That's pretty typical of Hamster. Oh, how we love him. I can't believe it's been seven years since he was born. And, I even got to be a part of that! What a very special child. You are blessed to have him as your son. I am blessed to have him as my grandson. Big kisses and hugs to him on this great day!

Greg and Taya said...

Happy Birthday to Hamilton!

Garlick said...

Hamilton is the best! There is no one like him. I love his long hair as a baby! It has brought his personality out. Can't wait to see him again and tease him.

Jack and Annette Sommer said...

Hamilton is such a treasure. I think of his laugh, and it makes me laugh. He's so adorable. I miss him so much. My most favorite picture of him was taken a few years ago; packing a missionary briefcase, sporting a suit and tie. What a babe! I am personally grateful for all the blessing Hamilton brings from heaven.
I love you.
Grandma 'Net.

Dava_Hudson said...

Happy Birthday Hammy! You are seriously one of our favorite 2nd cousins we have. You have the perfect mixture of serious thoughtfulness, and happy gooberness! We love yah Ham-Bone!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Hamilton! You are a pretty amazing kid! Your mom painted a great picture of you! We love you, too!

Yvonne Dixon said...

Great pictures! Sounds like Hamilton has been a real joy to have. Happy Birthday, Hamilton! Hope to see you soon!

Dallin said...

That is crazy that he is seven years old now!!!! I remember that he was just barely born when i got home from my mission. That makes me feel old (not to say that you are old). Hope you have a happy birthday Hams!!!

Mommy Tray said...

Happy be-lated birthday Hamilton. Cute pictures of you!!