May 26, 2009

Our Busy Weekend

Our three day weekend started out with a bit of yard work. We weeded and weeded and fixed more sprinklers. Now there are several flower beds that I have a pretty good handle on. I've got some flowers planted and so far so good. I just hope they will stay alive.

We decided that we didn't love the Oregon Grape that was right under our bedroom window blocking access to the faucet. The bush was super pokey and Jake hated it. (I'm hoping that Mom will share some of her irises.)

On Saturday evening, Hams decided to come down with a fever. He was burnin up and cried and complained about not being able to move. He wouldn't eat anything either. (Even a donut!) I was hoping that he would be able to sleep it off, but by Sunday morning he was still feverish and lethargic. I was supposed to teach my Beehive class (Jake had bishopric responsibilities which were more important than my lesson) so I had to call Sister Lords to teach for me. (Thank you Amy!!) Hams eventually perked up by the afternoon and I've decided (with the help of Amy) that he must have had a bit of heat exhaustion or something.

The weather was sooooo nice on Sunday so we decided to invite a few people over for a small gathering. We had a good time visiting with the Weeds, Bartons, and McKnights. Sometimes I wish we could have everyone we know come over but we just don't have the room. Whaa, whaa!

On Monday morning, we got up a the crack of dawn, loaded up the kids and headed for Bucks Lake. Of course we had to stop and get breakfast on the way. We all decided that Papa and Grammy should have been with us because we went to McDonalds and we all got the regular. Hams and his sausage patties. Adia and her cinnamon bites. Orin and his hashbrown. Jake and his egg mcmuffin (and, yes he removed the ham). Me and my #10 meal. We didn't even hesitate when we ordered. We are pros now thanks to Papa and Grammy and we don't even have to look at the menu.

As soon as we got to Bucks Lake, Orin found his giant pinecones. He loved them. We went to Bucks Lake so that we could map out a hike for me. I am in charge of the 1st Year girls at girls camp and we have to do a hike so I wanted to be better prepared. Last year the hike we went on was a dissaster because I didn't have it planned out well enough. Long story shorter, it was beautiful up there and the weather was perfect and the kids did great and we found me a great hike that I can't wait to take "my girls" on.

There were these beautiful trees blooming. I didn't know what they were, but I loved them. By the time I go back in a couple of weeks for girls camp they will be all leafed out and the blooms will be gone. They were so lovely!

After we made it back down the mountain (hill really) Jake made sure to program the hike into his GPS so I can get back to the right spot. The kids had a great time and were super excited to be out in nature exploring.

After our hike, we were starving again so we stoped at Subway for a yummy sandwich.

When were were done eating we headed back to Reno. We loved the last Aces game we went to so we decided to go again. It was a late game (started at 6 p.m.) and went until 9:30 or so. It was a great game. The Aces came from behind to win. We were all on our feet cheering and clapping. And, we didnt have any drunk people around us!! We have even learned the names and numbers of some of the players. We had a great time! Because it was Memorial Day there were even fireworks after the game. Needless to say, we didn't get home until 11:00 p.m. The kids were exhausted. I was exhausted. And Tootsie had missed us terribly. What a super duper weekend!!


Mom, Wife, and, Student said...

What a great weekend! Bucks Lake looks amazing. Gonna have to check it out next time we camp up in that area.

probst said...

That really sounds like a fun weekend. (Not anything like the Dixons and Hensens had with all the noise and drunks). The ball game even had a bonus with the fireworks. We haven't been to Bucks lake for years. Way to go!

Yvonne Dixon said...

That looks beautiful! Makes me miss the pine trees. And if the hill was over 10 feet tall, it was a mountain!

Yvonne Dixon said...

Beautiful flowers, by the way!

Nyssa said...

I barely recognized the kids! Wow they are all so grown up :)

Grandma J said...

Are you sure your 3-day weekend wasn't at least a week? Wow, you did so much in such a short time. Your flowers look beautiful. Sounds like a fun retreat to Bucks Lake.

The Cecil Clan said...

What a fun weekend! The flowers are adorable, by the way. Looks like the yard is coming along! I'm off to the fourth-year hike tomorrow-an overnighter! Yikes!