November 18, 2009

Thanksgiving Story

Tonight Orin brought out a story that he wrote while in 3rd grade (A year ago). He was proud of it then, and he is proud of it still.

Don't worry. He is working on his handwriting.


probst said...

Hey thats quite a story. Do you think the duck, goose, and pig were hoping not to be eaten? I think I am glad the turkey was spared, but maybe the farmer could have eaten a salad instead of the other meat. Glad I am not a turkey so I don't have to worry about being eaten.

Garlick said...

What a darling story! Your kids have quite the imagination when it comes to writing! Well, some little turkey got sacrificed for our little dinner. Poor turkey! He was probably just a hopin' he wouldn't get killed.

Eve said...

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