November 29, 2010

A Happy Phone Call

I just got a phone call from my little miss Adia. Usually that means she forgot her lunch or something vital that is due RIGHT NOW.
But not today.
Today she called to inform me of the Honor Choir and Nevada Middle School All-State Choir tryout results. (We've been waiting a while for these.)
DRUM ROLL PLEASE.............
Miss Adia made it into both Honor Choir and All-State!! Only 2 sopranos from the whole school get invited and she is just a 7th grader.
She was so happy it made me happy. In fact, it made me so happy for her that I almost cried. I am proud of her. Or I should maybe say, I'm humbly grateful.
Grateful that my little miss Adia could have such a dream come true.


mom said...

Yeah, it will be an amazing adventure for her. And you will be so impressed at all state.

kate said...

Very cool. Good for her!

Angel Tori said...

Good for her! Tell her congrats!

Beth said...

I'm not surprised. She (like her mom) has a great voice. Congratulations!

lemonadia said...

I made it and I'm so happy about it!! I didn't know what to do so I called her straight away!!