January 2, 2011

A Few Random Happenings

When you are an average person you have an average life.

I am an average person with an average life.

I REALLY like it that way but it can sometimes lead to boring blog posts.  Or at the least, lead to long periods of time where I don't post because there is not much to report to all the world. (I'm trying to avoid that this time.) Even though we are not-too-exciting-average people, we have stayed really busy lately so here is a boring blog post to all the world of a few random household happenings.

Early in December we had our annual gingerbread house making party.  I just wish I could invite everyone I know but my house just isn't big enough. Dang it! We had some great fun creating miniature homes of candy. I can't wait to do it again next year.
The Bartons. 
My kiddos.  They didn't need (or want) my help or Jake's.
 The Sorensons.

 The Chappells and Holts.
 The fabulous Hubbards.
 A few of the Koenigs.
The Lords family with their Hagrid Hut.

We had a bit of snow one day and the kids took advantage of it by making a snowman.
We tried to go sledding too but by the time we looked for a good spot, the snow was gone and we pretty much just drove around in the mud. So we gave up.

We went rollerskating with friends. Orin and Hams had never been to the roller rink before.  At first it was a bit frustrating to Hams but eventually he learned how to RUN really well on skates. It was adorable.

We had a wonderful and small Christmas... ( I have no pictures.Well, that's a bit of a white lie because I do have some they just aren't on my computer yet and I don't want to take the time to download them right now. Sorry.) The kids said, "This was the best year EVER!" I think that just about sums it up right there.
(I think they have forgotten all the other years before because I'm pretty sure they say that same thing every single year.)

We had a wonderful surprise visit from the Cecil Clan. Of course, I knew they were coming and Jake knew they were coming but the kids did not. When they showed up Adia got all teary eyed and said, "I love you Mom."  Of course she said that! She got to spend a couple of days with her
best-friend-in-the-whole-wide-world. She was in heaven!   

While the Cecils were here it snowed a bit. They don't get much of that in Las Vegas so they had a good time wandering around the backyard in the white stuff.

 Here are the two girls who have dearly loved each other for 7 years.  They are beautiful!

 Of course Kim and I had to go out and take pictures of the backyard shenanigans.
And.....I didn't know Hams was a tree hugger.....hee hee.

Good thing I posted all this boring stuff for the world to read. Enjoy!!

good things:

1.  great friends
2.  unselfish children
3. good quality cameras


JNS said...

I agree. We have a pretty ordinary life...but it is also pretty darn good (largely thanks to you). Fun to have the Cecil's in town for the weekend.

Jeanette said...

Ordinary? I don't think so. You are doing ordinary things exceptionally well. Looks like you all have been having a fun time at it too! Great pic's!

Have a blast at Disneyland!

Love ya,

lemonadia said...

I love it!! I did have soooo much fun with my best-friend-in-the-whole-world!! I am very happy that we had a great Christmas and it has been the very best Christmas ever!! I love you Mom!!

mom said...

Boring stuff is perfect!

Beth said...

I think the word "ordinary" needs to have an "extra" in front of it...

Glad you had such a wonderful Christmas.

Tracy said...

How fun it must be to be in the Sommer's A-list!! Those gingerbread houses looked great.

Heidi said...

Reading about your boring life makes me very happy.

Jennifer said...

So when are you going to post more about your boring life?? We haven't seen Disneyland yet :) Do you guys have a trip planned out here yet? If so, when? Then the party can be here and not California :)

Mary said...

Hey, I accidently took you off my blog. Could you leave another comment with your email? So sorry...pregnancy brain.