July 9, 2011

Les Miserables

I have been a fan of the musical Les Miserables since, well... forever.  My love for the music only became stronger after my Aunt Yvonne took me to see it in Dallas, TX when I was about 14.  I have never forgotten that experience. It left something etched inside of me.  I, of course, couldn't pass it up when it came to Salt Lake City a few years later.

My dad would always indulge my Les Miserables dream by accompanying me almost whenever I wanted to pretend I was Eponine or Fantine. I think I must have driven him, and the rest of my family, nuts when I sang On My Own or I Dreamed a Dream over and over.

I have wanted to check out the Les Miserables 25th anniversary concert on DVD for quite some time now. I was bummed when Netflix didn't have it for instant download. But today I was finally able to convince my family that we just had to see it so we rented it from Redbox.  I made everyone sit and watch it. I even said something cheesy like, "You must all watch this and listen with your souls." (I'm not even sure what that means.)

As I sat watching (and listening with my soul) it all came back to me. I really do love the message and meaning this musical carries with it. It was well worth my time. I recommend it to everyone. ***

Also, if you have a 1500 pages worth of time on your hands you really should read the book by Victor Hugo.

Here is the encore performance from that DVD of the Jean Valjean quartet.  Beautiful.

***Disclaimer....There are several bad words in this musical. Just thought I would warn you ahead of time.


Beth said...

Les Mis is my sister's fav. I own the 10th anniversary edition, but haven't seen the 25th one yet. I also have a cd and love it. Pres. Kimball said it was the most inspired novel written up to that point. In reading, I have not made it passed the scene when he steals the silver...one of these days I'll try again. Thanks for the video clip.

JJones said...

The '25th' was Marks's Father's Day gift. The whole family likes it, but Mark is addicted from when we saw it in LA 20 years ago. It's there again - he wants to go.

lemonadia said...

It was a great movie! I luffed it!!