October 30, 2011

Tricks and Treats

Halloween around here is fun. The kids love to dress up and I love to make costumes. I love that all the children get to run "amok, amok, amok". (That's from Hocus Pocus.) And I love that it is a holiday that is all about the candy... What other holiday can you say that about? Here are the costumes from this year.

Here is the sneaky candy thief Hamilton.
Harry "Orin" Potter
So serious but so handsome.
The pretty fairy Adia.
Fly fairy, fly!
The creepy Vampiress.
The Honorable Judge Jacob.
The whole Adams, I mean, Sommer Family.
Happy Halloween 2011!

good things:

1.  chocolate
2.  wigs
3.  make-up


About Me said...

Those costumes are awesome! Great pictures and great job on the costumes! You are sooooo talented!

Beth said...

Wow. I saw the rest of your family dressed up the other night but didn't get the benefit of your creepiness. Wow. Your costume is very creepy. You guys look great.

kate said...

LOVE the costumes!!!!!

Tori said...

LOVE the costumes! Have a scary Halloween!

terra said...

I Loved the costumes AND the pictures! You guys are so much fun!

Jack and Annette Sommer said...

Loved the costumes! Great job Kara, you are very talented. Your eye make up is great. Thank for sharing the pic's.
Love you guys. Happy Halloween!

The Cecil Clan said...

You never disappoint on Halloween! Awesome costumes!

Mary said...

Totally rad. You guys makeup is flawless. Nice attention to detail. The photography is great too!

Jeanette said...

I am so glad you all dress up for Halloween and get into the fun spooky spirit! Awesome to see your talents and family traditions! Miss you!