December 3, 2011

True Story

Here is a true story. It happened just yesterday.

I bought 2 pieces of delicious pie from the local bakery. One was key lime, the other was coconut cream.  I got them to go. I arrived at home with both pieces. As I stood in the living room talking to my children and two of their friends, I dropped the key lime piece. The carton opened up and the pie splattered onto the carpet. Guess who came to the rescue.

None of my children. Only their friends. One asked if they could get me a rag to clean it up with. The other started gathering bits of graham cracker crust.

What were my children doing while all of this was happening? Staring at the television of course. (Dang that Disney Channel!) Ugh. I wish my children would have thought of doing those things. I guess I should give Hamilton 1/2 credit. He held Tootsie so she wouldn't get any whipped cream on her nose. Wasn't that thoughtful?

I think I'll go eat some coconut cream pie now.

good things:
1. pie
2. good friends
3. dirty carpet that hides pie stains :)

1 comment:

Tori said...

At least the coconut cream pie was safe! Did it taste delicious?