November 17, 2008

The Cecil Family Visits

The Cecil family came to visit us a couple of weekends ago. It was wonderful to see them. We didn't really go anywhere but we sure had a great time just hanging out. Thanks guys for taking the time to come. We LOVED having you.
Here are the kids and daddies playing a game of football. I can't seem to remember who won. Most likely the kids outran the big boys.
Jacob is a character. You've got to love the missing tooth. He also has a great impression of a bird hitting an airplane. You should have him do that one for you. Hamilton thinks Jacob is his brother.
The kids all had to have a turn swinging on the "vine". A little rope can go a long way.
Before the Cecils came, Jacob (Sommer) made sure to have the lawn all trimed and the leaves picked up but the kidos moved some leaves from the dirt to the grass right outside the backdoor so they could jump in them. They only jumped a few times because the landing really wasn't that soft. There might have been a few bruised bums.

Adia was so excited that Tori was coming she decided she needed to share the experience with another one of her friends. They are all such wonderful girls. Although Orin didn't think they were so wonderful when they all decided to gang up on him.
The kids played pretty good together all weekend. Here they are playing school just before church. Of course Adia and Tori were the teachers. They think they are so smart.

Thanks, Cecils, for coming. We had such a wonderful time with all of you. I'm glad you were able to squeeze in a last minute trip to Fallon. Next time we get together we will have to play sardines again. The kids haven't stoped talking about it.


Hanna said...

Hey Kara! I found your blog through Denise's! I love your family pictures!

The Cecil Clan said...

Thanks for having us and posting us on your blog! Your turn to come visit us now!