November 24, 2008

Our Weekend With Grandpa Sommer and Grandma 'Nette

We had a great weekend with Grandpa Sommer and Grandma 'Nette. We did lots and lots of fun things with them. We were very excited that they came to visit us.

The kids got to play all sorts of games with Grandma 'Nette. She is such a good sport and will play for hours if the kids want her to. There were games of Checkers, Slam-wich, Swipe, Settlers of Zarahemla, and probably more that I don't even know about. The kids were having a great time with Grandma 'Nette.

Hamilton had been begging to make gingerbread boys. I know it is a little early in the season, but he wanted to make them so desperately. I had everyone helping. We were teamed up and had our choice of several cookie cutters. We sure did make a huge mess. But the kids enjoyed themselves. Hamilton ate at least 4 cookies that night.

Jack and Jake did a little dutch oven cooking. We had a great meal of veggis and pork loin. They also made a peach cobbler. Yummy cooking!! Good work guys!!

On Saturday we headed over to the new bowling alley for a little fun. The kids are getting better and better at bowling. Orin doesn't even need bumpers. (We still put them up for him just in case.) Orin can throw his ball over 12 miles an hour. He is tough.

Hamilton got several strikes and spares. He jumps up and down, does a victory dance, and shoots his hands in the air when he knocks down his pins. Boy oh boy, does he have some great moves! I tell you what, he didn't get any of his rythym from me.

Thanks guys for coming! We loved it!


Garlick said...

Sounds like you had fun! We are going to make the gingerbread boys tomorrow!
I'm sure your next post will be Thanksgiving can't wait to hear about it.

Heidi said...

I love that you have a blog!!! Can Emily still marry Hamilton?