December 16, 2008

Gingerbread House Party

Our gingerbread house party was a success in my opinion. (There is always the worry that no one will come.) We invited 8 other families over to decorate gingerbread houses. Everyone brought a different topping so there was lots and lots to choose from. Everyone was very creative and no 2 houses looked the same. There were 42 people in our house. I never imagined that we could all fit. It was rather tight but I didn't hear any complaints. Here are a few kids at work on their houses. Zack, by the way, wasn't Zack that night. He was Spiderman.
The McKnights were all chipping in to help decorate theirs. Even Brinley (who is not in the picture) helped.

Mike was busy with the Johnson house. He was just like a kid with all that candy and frosting. Notice, in the background, all the people. It really was a party.
Half of the Bartons couldn't make it, but here is the half that did. Cade did a great job designing his house. He did it all by himself (mostly).

I was busy running around making sure that everyone had what they needed so I didn't help at all with our gingerbread house. Jake and the kids get all the credit with this one.

Here is Renae and Broder at work on theirs. We are super glad that they came.

Shannon, Keri, and Garrett were having a good time with the frosting. Keri would squirt it onto her fingers and then lick it up. I taught her that she could squirt it directly into her mouth and bypass the finger all together. She was liking that. I am pretty sure she made herself sick with the sugar rush.

We had a great time with everyone and hope to continue this tradition every year. I wish I could invite everyone I know over to join us. There just isn't enough room. And, I guess, I really don't want to have to make that many gingerbread parts and pieces. It really helped this year that I have a double oven. I had quite the system going while making the gingerbread. Roll, cook, cut, roll, cook, cut. It worked out pretty nicely and it smelled up the house with the delicious gingerbread aroma.


Hanna said...

FUN! You are Superwoman! How do you find the time (and energy) to do all that you do for others?!

Sandi said...

Yeah Kara! Looks like another huge success - just like last year and the year before! I only made the pieces to 5 houses and had 25 people here and that seemed like lots of work, but was fun too. In fact it was so much fun Katelyn made a castle out of gingerbread for a school project.

Thanks for the recipes!

Greg and Taya said...

How fun! I remember you talking about that last year. What a great thing to do! It's good to see pictures of so many familiar faces!

The Cecil Clan said...

Where was our invite? Maybe we'll live close enough some day to participate - it looks like great fun! What a partier you are!

Jeanette said...

Great to see you raising the roof again. What wonderful fun. Can't wait to celebrate Christmas together.

Love ya,

Heidi said...

Seeing all these pictures makes me want to come hang out at your house. When can I come for a gingerbread house party!?

Stephanie said...

What a fun idea! I'm for sure going to do this one of these years!

Gina DeMarco said...

I found you!!! Love the pictures!