February 18, 2009

Mu Shu

We have some friends here in Fallon that breed Shih Tzus. They had a litter of four born on December 29th. Adia fell in love with the little black puppy just as soon as she was introduced to him. He was a little ball of fur and the sweetest thing. Adia did everything in her power to convince her Dad that we needed to add this puppy to our family. Of course Jacob was hesitant. (He has never been a big animal lover.) Secretly though, Jacob and I decided to purchase the little guy and not tell Adia. Eventually she found out that the puppy had been sold. She was a bit upset, but said she would be willing to have any of the other three puppies instead. Jacob told her that it just wasn't meant to be. She was not happy with us. A few days later Jacob mentioned to the kids that he would like to get a chicken. Adia was furious about that. She didn't want a chicken, she wanted a PUPPY!! Orin didn't want a chicken because he said that he didn't "like things to pluck on his hand." And Hamilton thought the idea was great because "we could get eggs." To make a very long story shorter, we told the kids we purchased a chicken (of course from the same people who have the puppies). When they showed up to deliver the chicken and a bag of chicken feed, the kids didn't quite know what to say.... At that point we told Adia that we were just kidding and that we were the ones who bought the black puppy.

The puppy was quickly named Mu Shu and we all fell in love. But the story doesn't end there. We had Mu Shu only a few days when we realized that he was very sick and he ended up at the veternarians office. The only thing that they could tell us is that he had an unknown infection. They did all they could for him but he just wasn't strong enough to get better. Mu Shu died during the night on the 12th of February. We were all upset and sad, but we all knew that how lucky we were to have had Mu Shu join our family even if it was for a short time. As the saying goes, "It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all."


Garlick said...

Ah, you guys are cruel to egg the chicken thing on...you even had my eyes watering.

The Cecil Clan said...

This is Tori. That is the meanest video I ever saw! You should not make Adia Suffer like that.