December 16, 2008

Thanksgiving Feast

It has taken me almost a month to post these pictures so I admit that I am a slacker. It's just that I really have a million different things to do all the time. My parents and grandparents came to my house to celebrate Thanksgiving with us. They had a race to see who would get the spare bedroom (instead of an air matress). Sorry Mom. Better luck next time. Papa is pretty fast and it takes a lot to beat him.

We had a delicious meal with all the works. Jake even made cranberry sauce (using his own recipie) from fresh cranberries. We will never go back to the canned stuff at our house. I admit that I still have work to do on my pie crust skills. For some reason, I just don't have the pie making skill. My pies taste fine, they just look nasty. Good thing my family is forgiving.

We did our traditonal gobble before we could eat. We started with the youngest this year and ended with the oldest. It is always fun to hear everyone's interpretation of a turkey squawk. Some of us get really into it and shake our cheeks or rub our adams apples. Others just say, "gobble, gobble" like it is going to kill them. We always have a good laugh though, no matter how we sound.

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The Cecil Clan said...

We had homemade cranberry sauce this year too! Yum! Your parents and grandparents look great! Remind me never to spend Thanksgiving with the Sommers if I have to gobble at the dinner table! :)