March 24, 2009

Waiting For The Blossoms

Last year, just after we moved into our new home, one of the trees in our back yard broke out in the most amazing display of blossoms. We fell in love with this tree but have never been able to figure out what kind it is. I figure it must be some crazy hybrid, possibly a flowering pear of some sort. After the blossoms were finished the tree sprouted dark green leaves which provided a beautiful thick shade all Summer long. In the Fall the green leaves turned a dazzling red providing a beautiful back drop outside our windows. Because winter in Fallon can be so drab, we have anxiously awaited the tree to bust out in its "popcorn on the apricot tree" look. Everyday Jacob and I look to see what kind of progress it is making. It currently has little peppercorn buds just waiting to pop out. Soon it will be covered in pure white blossoms from branch to trunk. I can hardly wait!


Jack and Annette Sommer said...

You are the best photographer! I await anxiously to see the photos you post. You have such a natural talent for seeing the most beautiful shots. Thank you. I miss you all so very much. Stretching a hug to you all.

Jeanette said...

I remember that amazing tree from our last visit. It really is stunning. We planted a Flowering Pear in our front yard last year, and it will be several years before it fills out with blossoms. I'm crossing my fingers that it might turn out to be a tree like yours!

I agree you are a fantastic photographer, and a clever writer as well.

Hopefully we can get out to see you all again soon.

Love ya,

lemonadia said...

I can't wait either mom! It is going to be beautiful.
Adia Sommer

Grandma J said...

I always love the spring flowers. It will be so fun to enjoy your own yard this year. Maybe you'll be surprised at what pops up!