April 3, 2009

It is about time that I give a little tribute to some amazing people I know and love. My GRANDPA and GRANDMA, otherwise known as Papa and Grammy. They may be "older than dirt", but they are young at heart and the best grandparents! I consider myself pretty lucky to have had the opportunity to know and have a relationship with them.
I have been told that I know how to keep a house clean because Grandpa taught me. Once when I was very young I refused to pick up the toys which I had been playing with. I wouldn't obey Grandpa when he told me to pick them up. So, being the meanie (not) that he is, he put me outside on the porch. It was a cold, dark night and I was only dressed in a little nightgown. I cried and cried until he came to me and said I could come in if I picked up my toys. Of course I readily agreed to the terms but promptly disregarded them as soon as I was in the warm house. Again, he put me outside in the dark and cold. This exchange happened several times until I realized that he was not going to give up. So I picked up my toys.
When I was younger I spent most Summers at Grandma and Grandpa's house. I can remember taking swimming lessons and hating to jump in the water because in the morning the water was cold. But Grandma said we needed to learn to swim so we took the lessons. They had an Atari we loved to play. Donkey-Kong, Pitfall, and Frogger were my favorites. There was a 4-wheeler, tractor and swingset, all the fruit we could eat, and sprinklers to run through. There were endless possibilities. I can remember going to Sacramento to load up at Price Club. Bagel dogs, soda, ice-cream, and gummy worms.
There was, and still is, a candy bar closet. They keep many different kinds of candybars on hand. As a kid I was allowed one per day. Now that I am grown up I am allowed all I want. (I try to keep it to one a day when I am there.) Grandpa used to kept a giant jar of gummy worms in his desk. He would use the little plastic pinchers and serve us worms in our outstretched hands.
I have been to more state and national parks with them than I can count. I have been everywhere from Mexico to Washington to Illinois with them. Some of the best vacations I have ever been on were with them. I have seen nude sun-bathers, squealed down Splash Mountain, crossed the Golden Gate Bridge, hiked mountains and caves, swam in freezing waters, collected sand dollars, flown kites, had boy haircuts, eaten as many McDonalds strawberry milkshakes as I could, been a model, collected silver charms, gotten addicted to Desperate Houswives and done a qua-zillion other amazing things all because of them.
When we were poor and couldn't afford anything they filled my freezer, fridge and cupboards with food and toiletries and cleaning supplies. They have also filled my gas tank numberless times. They have been generous and giving. They even took care of my family for a time when I was sick. Something that I will never forget or ever stop being grateful for.
There are thousands of memories I have of Grandpa and Grandma floating around in my head. (Too many to write in this post.) Even now that I am grown I still enjoy spending time with them.
I am so glad that my children have also been able to have unforgetable moments with Papa and Grammy. They are enjoying the candybar closet, the tractors, the fruit, the traveling and vacationing, trips to McDonalds, video games, and all the other fun things about them.
Thanks Papa and Grammy for everything! It has been fun so far and I look forward to the many other things we will do together. You guys are the best!!


probst said...

Sure didn't know we made such an influence on you. Glad you didn't mention the negative things we did.

Jeanette said...

These two are a rare treasure. I am beginning to see where you get your love for fun and adventure from!

Amy said...

I've only met them a few times and can see how amazing they are! I love the stories and memories! Thanks for making me cry this morning! (It's a good cry!)

Garlick said...

Ah, a trip down memory lane! Love it! Who wouldn't love a childhood like we had! I will never forget "watching" the swimming lessons! Repeating several levels..my stubbornness.

Grandma J said...

You were lucky to have these two for your grandparents. Just think how lucky I am to have them as parents! I always thought it was so special that you kids were able to create such great memories with them.

The Cecil Clan said...

Those are two of the most amazing and generous people I've ever met! I feel privileged to know them. You are so lucky to have so many memories and such a close relationship with your grandparents!

Mommy Tray said...

Wonderful tribute. I sure miss my grandparents and reading your tribute helps me to remember all the fun times I had with them. Thank you

Yvonne Dixon said...

It's funny you wrote all those things and I sit here in Texas and smile. My kids were not as lucky as you and were only able to visit once every 3 to 5 years or so, but they too have these exact same memories. And myself, growing up wih them, remember all the trips and all-you-can-eat fruit and "dirt highways" and strawberry shortcake dinners, etc. Great stuff! Thanks for the post! And thanks Mom & Dad!