September 17, 2009

Corn Maze

A few young women we know hit us up for their soccer fund raiser. We couldn't resist a night at the local farm so we became supporters of the Greenwave girls soccer team.

Our tickets include the bounce house, hay ride, cow train, and corn maze. The kids rode the cow train 5 or 6 times before I convinced them to head to the maze.

Soon after we arrived at the farm Jake had to ditch to go to his softball game. I told him he was a pooper. Adia met up with a friend from church so she also ditched.

Orin, Hams and I have been wandering around the corn maze for a while now with no real direction. I have been wishing for the constellation application on my phone. I figure we may be here for a while and we may need it soon. I hope Adia will make it out too. I guess we'll just have o wait and see.

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terra said...

Thanks for the support