September 12, 2009

Play Ball!

The last couple of Summers we have spent lots of time at the ball fields. Not only does Orin play but Jake does too. Many evenings we rushed from one field to the next. In fact, after I came home from my month long trip I had to go straight to Jake's game to see him. I enjoy cheering on my boys. It is true that once in a while I screw up and cheer for the wrong team.... Whoops. But over all I know they love hearing my crazy outbursts from the stands.
Jake's team, Crush, made him pitch this year. He did catch a few balls coming straight back at him so he thought he was hot stuff.

Jake thinks he is pretty cool because he is a left handed hitter. He set a goal this season to be a bit more daring and run to second more often. (Hee hee.)
Here are a few of the guys on Jake's softball team. They are quite the crew. I had to keep reminding Jake that winning is not the most important thing about playing. It's having a good time and being a good sport. (Which he may NOT have been a time or two.)
Orin was such a great ball player. He improved on his skills leaps and bounds this year. He was one of the youngest, smallest boys on his team but he kept up pretty well.
Orin had such a small strike zone that he got walked a lot so it seemed he always got on base. He sure enjoyed himself.
Orin played lots of different positions. Mostly 2nd baseman or outfield. I'm pretty proud of my "Marlin".


Grandma J said...

Jake looks like he's one of the youngest and smallest on his team too. I think it's great your "boys" get to play ball.

Garlick said...

Look how handsome Orin is! Exciting he was able to play ball. Jake also looks "professional" but when doesn't he. Glad you guys had fun.