September 2, 2009

YW Camp

I consider it a great privilege that I was invited to attend Young Women's Camp at Buck's Lake, California this Summer. The stake asked me to be the 1st Year leader. And the ward needed me because a few of the other leaders couldn't go. [I'm not sure why babies and surgeries take top priority over camp. ;)] Needless to say it was one of the highlights of my summer. I love the Young Women and hopefully after camp they still love me. I'm a bit crazy, although not as crazy as Michelle at camp. I enjoy letting my hair down while in the forest because it makes me feel like a wild woman. Hee Hee.

The tradition in my ward is stop and eat breakfast on the way. This year we stopped at an IHOP in Reno. We really threw the servers for a loop when we asked for individual checks. It all worked just beautifully though. (There was something like 32 of us.)

At camp there are a million things to do. We are always super busy with barely a minute to sit down and rest. But I love it that way because it keeps us leaders out of trouble.

We had a rock wall to climb.

We got to swim and canoe in freezing water. Good thing it turned out to be a pretty warm week. We were kind of worried for a minute that it would rain on us the whole time.

The zip line was one of my favorites. (I have a lot of those.) I really wanted to see Denise go on it but she was a chicken!
We had lots and lots of things to learn like first aid, how to put out fires, how to identify plants and animal, etc. Lots of campsy stuff.
There was archery.

These great ladies here were my 1st Years. I LOVE them all. They were great little campers and I never heard them complain. (Except maybe while tromping through the forest on our hike which was straight up the mountain.)

I love to hang back and watch the 1st Year girls try to work together to get everyone over the scaling wall. It really is an emotional thrill to see them all pull together and be a team.

Jacob was able to attend camp this year. He was our bishopric representative. I enjoyed having him around camp even if we didn't really hang out together much. And I know some of the girls learned a thing or two about bear calls while he was nearby. Hee Hee.

Of course camp wouldn't be camp without a bit of work. Setting up and taking down camp is always a chore but our ward campers worked together really well and got the job done quickly.

Every year there are a few pranks. Of course they aren't too harmful. This year Amy got hung up. We just had to initiate her. It was her first year ever!

We gathered a lot at the amphitheater for devotionals, flag ceremonies, skits, testimony meeting, and other little things. I'm happy to report that no one fell into the fire this year.

Here are my ward sistas. We looked rockin' in our orange hats and wrist bands and splotchy t-shirts. We were definitely lighting the fire within.
I love camp and look forward to, hopefully, many more years of it. I have a lot of fun, feel the Spirit, enjoy nature, and make new friends every time I go.
Thanks Papa and Grammy, Dallin and Jen, Grandma and Grandpa J, and Jaron and Karina for taking care of the kidos so Jake and I could go. We couldn't have done it without you!


Jaron said...

Looks like a great place for camp. Love the trees, lake, and all of it! The Sierra Nevadas are pretty cool.

Grandma J said...

That's NOT AT ALL what it was like when I went to Girl's Camp! All we did was work - sweep pine needles and dig latrines. Wowee! That looks fun.

Amy said...

9 more months until the next one! Can't wait!

Stephanie said...

You were a wonderful part of my camp experience! I'm glad you're sharing the wealth

probst said...

Sure looks like fun. If you are as crazy as I think you are, I bet the girls had fun too. You make a good camp leader.