December 24, 2010

Mom vs. the 5th Grader

Orin is a reader. He reads all the time. He reads on the way to school. He reads at school. He reads after school. He reads in bed. He loves a good book.

So do I. But, unlike Orin, I read sometimes. (Contrary to what some might believe.) Only sometimes. The thing is, once I start a good book I don't put it down until it is finished.

I have just recently finished one such book.

Roots by Alex Haley. Although this book has been subjected to criticism and scrutiny and it's truth disputed, I found this book to be one I could hardly put down. True story or not doesn't diminish the fact that I enjoyed it.

When I was about 100 pages from finishing this book I was sitting on the couch and I decided to brag a bit to Orin. I said, "I'm almost done with my book. It has 846 pages!"

He replied nonchalantly, "I've read one bigger than that."

"What?" was my swift reply.

"Yeah Mom. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It has 870 pages."

I stared blankly at him not knowing how to respond. "Oh." was all I said. Swallowing MY pride, I let my motherly pride build up inside me. I think he won that contest fair and square.


JNS said...

Hahaha...that little stinker! He is so funny. I say congratulations on finishing your book, even if Harry Potter WAS more pages. Of course, we won't talk about font size or anything.

The Cecil Clan said...

Orin is one smart boy! I got Roots from the library but didn't have time to read it before it was due....I'll have to recheck it out if it's THAT good!

lemonadia said...

Ha! Ha! Ha! I love it!! You can't let Orin's skills get under your skin. He is just as good a reader as you are!!

Dava_Hudson said...

Thats FANTASTIC. I hope my children inherit my love of books and knowledge. Sometimes Im a afriad to start reading a book because it seems like everything else goes out the window while I read. Whoops! Go Orin!!

Jeanette said...

Sounds like your love of reading is in the family! Nicely done!