December 16, 2010

Queen Constantina, Mother of Prince Christopher

I think it is high time I posted a few pictures from Cinderella (Roger and Hammerstein's). I had such a wonderful time doing this community college play. At the very last minute I decided to tryout and I was lucky enough to have gotten a speaking part. (Not sure how I pulled that one out of the hat.) I originally wanted to be the fairy godmother or even the step mother, but I ended up with the part of the queen. I was happy with that. When I was in 6th grade, I was also in this play. My line then was "I wish I were demure and sweet." I even had dunce cap. This time I got to wear beautiful costumes and crowns, and sing songs into a mic, all while in a spotlight. It was WAY better than my 6th grade dunce cap part.

Here I am in the opening village scene. (I was hanging out in the back trying not to be noticed.) I weaseled my way into this scene 'cause I was greedy and wanted to have more stage time. I am smack in the middle of this picture with a wide brimmed hat and my mouth open.

Here I am admiring the milliner's cloth. What great acting!

....In the parlor with the scroll.... (think Clue.)

Me, the Prince, and the King (in his long underwear and cape).

Here I am trying to convince the Prince that he will love the ball. I LOVED the beautiful cap/crown I got to wear. It really was lovely.
At the ball, on my throne, with big hair, and the king. (I'll save the "hair" thing for it's own post. I have more pictures of that.)
Dancing with the King. This was tricky for me. We had to practice and practice. We are NOT professional dancers here like a lot of the cast was!
More dancing and smiling.
Dancing with the prince and trying to say lines at the same time. That was REALLY hard!
More throne time, smiling and clapping. I'm supposed to be elated about the Prince finding Cinderella. More great acting. (I should have won an Emmy.)
The wedding/finale.

More at the Finale. (This was the dress rehearsal.)

Taking my bow the night my Utah and California family came to see me. I loved having a fan club in the audience.

Here I am showing off my costume. It really did weigh a ton! By the way, I MADE THIS DRESS!! The costumers were amazing and I was lucky to get to work with them on this one. They taught me a lot and I'm glad I did it. It took me 24 hours of just sewing time and about 12 needles (It was pretty much like sewing carpet.) It also complicated things when I shrunk right out of it. :)

Hanging out with the King backstage. David was wonderful to work with.

Me, the Prince (Spencer), and Cinderella (Jordyn).

Me and the Fairy Godmother (Lissa).

The kids came on opening night and closing night. I think they were ready to have me back after several months of rehearsing. They had to deal with all the fend-for-yourself-dinner-nights, the memorizing of lines and songs, and the pre-occupied-sewing-mom. They were troopers! Jake also was a trooper. He encouraged me to do this play, waited up late for me to come home, dealt with hungry children, did homework duty, sat through the play 4 times, and had to watch me hold hands with another man. ;)
The last couple of nights I was having trouble on and off with my mic. Just to be on the safe side on closing night I needed to do a little mic check during the intermission. The director had me say from behind the closed curtain, "Please take your seats. The winner of the raffle will be announced shortly." My mic was working really good at this point. It was nice and loud and clear.
Then....the director let me say.....,
"OFF WITH THEIR HEADS". It was nice and loud and clear and I loved it.
good things:
1. sewing machines that can sew carpet
2. deodorant
3. A husband who supports his wife's dream of being on stage in a spotlight


JNS said...

I would have attended this play several more times if I could have managed. I thought it was absolutely excellent and you did a wonderful job!!! I knew you would! You are my superwoman!!!!!!

kate said...

You were AMAZING. I still think you should put out a CD you have an incledible voice and I am looking forward to hearing you on Sunday :)

Valerie said...

That is so awesome!!!! I think that sound like fun! I have always though it would be fun to try out for the plays at Spring Mountain Ranch! You looked like a great Queen!

JJones said...

Lol - Deoderant! The costumes were really beautiful - you were a wonderful queen!

Jack and Annette Sommer said...

Proud of you Kara! You are a queen. We love you.

Beth said...

Wonderful acting and singing job. Fantastic sewing job.
And I love your pictures. They came out great.

The Cecil Clan said...

You never cesase to AMAZE me!!! You look so beautiful! I hope you have a video so I can watch it! I wish we would have known - we definitely would have come!

Emily A. Gunderson said...

My line was, "They say he wants to find a bride, he may find one at the ball."

Looks like fun! So happy you got to be a part of a play, especially with a great role.

Love ya.

Mary said...

I can't believe you made that dress. Amazing. Looks like you had fun.

We're all thankful you think deodorant is a good thing :)

Sue said...

i wish i could have seen it!!! how fun...i'm sure you did a fantastic job! you look beautiful--as always. miss you!

Jeanette said...

So glad to see pictures of this superb event! You made such an elegant and gorgeous queen! And what an intricate sewing job. So happy for you!

Heidi said...

Love it, love it, love it!!!