August 31, 2011

Just a Blurb

Here is just a little blurb about a few things...

We have done a ton of weeding in the backyard. This is what happens the moment we are done for the day.  White carpets don't stay white very long with dirty shoes around.

Orin loves to grow things. He's good at it! (Next year he is going to be in charge of the garden.) This sunflower is his baby. It has mostly outgrown its pot but next year he has plans for a whole row of them.

I have always thought Nevada has some of the most beautiful sunsets. I made Jacob go on a walk to get a better view of this one. I should have driven out to the desert for an unobstructed view. Still, it was lovely.

Doesn't he look nice with that rosy glow? He doesn't like pink much but I thought it was nice.

Orin is always so easy going. He doesn't mind mowing the lawn. Usually.

Hams is always trying to get out of working. While Orin was mowing the lawn, guess what Hams was up to. Hams was busy riding Orin's bike! (His own is really tiny.) He's always sneaking away to get in a ride.  Look how serious he looks. He thinks he's so awesome. By the way, he wants a new bike just his size for Christmas.

Speaking of bikes... Adia sure needs a new one. This thing is super tiny. She has her eyes on a cruiser. Those big seats have me kinda interested too. :)

This picture I just threw in for fun. Sometimes I can't believe how much "Sommer" Adia has in her. Doesn't look like much "Jones" at all. A bit of news: Adia just tried out for "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" this week. We are rooting for her to get in!

good things:
1. colorful sunsets
2. healthy kids
3. daddies who love their girls!


Mary said...

That second picture looks fake!

I still laugh about how you banned cold cereal from your house. Lol.

kate said...

You should frame your sunflower picture, its awesome! Good luck Adia!

Lady Fox said...

Reply to Mary: The picture is not fake...I just adjusted the contrast slightly.

Michelle said...

Great post. And I need to get you out on a bike ride with your tiny seat bike.