December 26, 2011

Christmas Time Performing

Recitals, performances, plays, and musical numbers.... I love to see my kids showing off all of their hard work. They have been practicing, practicing, and practicing!

Hamilton's 4th grade class put on "A Christmas Carol". They did such a darling job and the whole thing put a huge smile on my face. Miss Haney (his teacher) is wonderful with the kids and pulled off a great production. I heard there were over 200 people at the final performance.

As soon as it was announced that there would be tryouts in the 4th grade for the parts in this play Hams when to work. He started memorizing lines and working on his little cockney accent. He was really into it. When the cast list was put together he was given the part of Bob Crachet.  It was perfect for him. We headed to the thrift store and picked out items of clothing we thought we could convert into a great little costume. He doubted what I picked out but when he saw it come together he was pleased. He was so cute in his fingerless gloves and top hat.

The opening scene
Bob Crachet is cold and wants to put more wood on the fire but Scrooge won't let him.
God bless us, everyone.
Finally Scrooge is being nice.
The joyful singing at the end.
The whole cast and a few of the Kindergarteners.
Bob Crachet
Hams LOVED being on stage in the spotlight.
Here is Hams with his wonderful teacher Miss Haney. (Soon to me Mrs. Antoniono) We love her!
Something I found surprising was how much Adia was involved with this play. She lead the kindergarteners with their song, played the piano for the "Deck The Halls" scene, was in charge of the bell tolling, iPod music playing in between scenes, and she made sure the spotlight people did what they were supposed to. I could see her 'red' personality come right out and shine.
Adia at the piano.
The two older kids have been taking voice lessons for quite a while now. Miss Dana has been a wonderful voice teacher. This year the kids picked out their Christmas songs way back in October and started working hard on getting them just right. Orin's song (the one he picked in October) turned out to be impossible to get a minus track to or even sheet music for. He had to switch at the last minute to a Stevie Wonder song. It was cute, but he didn't have it as perfected as he really wanted. He had to have a cheat sheet for the lyrics but he did a fine job in the end.

Adia was so comfortable with her song and knew it so well that she actually forgot to get nervous before she got on stage. Funny thing is, I think being a little nervous keeps your head in the game. She got up on the stage and proceeded to forget her lyrics. Whoops. I think she sang the 2nd verse over and over. She did a great job just smiling through it. When she was finished and came to sit back down by me she said, "Oh well."

All three kids played a Christmas song at their piano recital too. They did a great job! They are all starting to be real piano players, not just kids who tap out one note at a time. I am really loving it.

The kids have been very happy to show off their piano skills everywhere they go. They have played in Primary, at school, at FHE, and even at a friend's baptism. I think they are all excited to see their own progress. Music is a life long skill!

The other day the kids were all bored, so they said, and so I took over. I made them all play a game with me.  I flashed a musical note flashcard in front of them and they had to be lightning fast at writing down the note name. Hams has some serious note naming skills. Orin was pretty good too, but, although Adia could find the note on the piano keyboard very fast, it took her some serious thinking to actually name the note.  We all thought it was funny.  I also made them clap or count out loud different rhythms. As silly as it seems, it turned into some pretty good family fun. Next time when they are all bored I'm going to make them memorize the circle of 5ths.  We sure know how to have a good time around here!

good things:
1. A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
2. spoonfuls of sugar (work turned fun!)
3. hearing the piano being tinkered with and played


Beth said...

Great job everyone.

When I click on the videos, however, it tells me the video is private. Is there a way for me to see them?

Lady Fox said...

Beth, I'd better see if I can fix that. Thanks for telling me.

About Me said...

I love to see the kids perform even if they didn't perform as good as they wanted to. That's what memories are made of. I also love the miracles of technology so I can see them when I can't be there.

Tori said...

Looks and sounds like they all did a wonderful job with performing! Wish I could've been there! :)

Jennifer said...

Awesome job to all three! Mercedes saw the videos with me and said, "I love Orin. I love Adia. They are good to sing. I want to go there and sing too!" Good influence :)

Heidi said...

Just a reminder that Hamilton already has a wife picked out for him!!

Beth said...

Loved it! Thanks for fixing the videos so I could see them.