January 8, 2012

A Trip to the Magical Kingdom

Bare with me on this one.

I have to post a million pictures. We had such a great time at Disneyland we could hardly contain ourselves. We rode just about every ride in both California Adventure and at Disneyland. (We only skipped things like the carrousel.) We ate a million churros, several dozen Mickey beignets, hot dogs, corn dogs, popcorn, dole whips, ribs, cornbread, strawberry shortcake, mint juleps, cotton candy, turkey legs, and corn on the cob. We saw  "World of Color", "Fantasmic", "Aladdin", and the holiday fireworks. Disneyland is really quite amazing.  We stood in line a lot, walked a gazillion miles everyday, played hard, ate good, and slept good. We hot tubbed it, rode in a stretch limo, splash mountain-ed it, battled grizzly rapids, went to space, turned into bugs, became cartoons, got dizzy, laughed really hard, spun in circles, got sucked into the twilight zone, went diggin' in an ancient ruin, fast pass-ed, soared over California, ran, walked, and sat. We were busy all day long. (One night I even dreamed I was still riding rides at Disneyland.)
And.... We took a bazillion silly pictures. It helped pass the time while waiting. There is no rhyme or reason to them. We did silly faces, sad faces, happy faces, and self-portraits. Even some that were, "Take a picture of this!" pictures. We are weird and we know it.
Adia got WAY scared by Cruella DeVille.
Disneyland is da' bomb!

good things:

1. tummy tickler rides
2. spending time with family
3. sleeping in comfortable beds after a long day


Beth said...

Looks like you will all have a bunch of great memories of this trip. That's the best part...it'll stay with you for years.

Mary said...

I lived close(er) to Dland growing up, so I looove it. The cleanest amusement park. And the invention of the fast pass? Please. Best idea ever. I once got stuck inside space mountain and they turned the lights on and we got to see inside. So cool!

Your kids are at such fun ages for a trip like this!

Jack and Annette Sommer said...

Love seeing Disney Magic through the eyes of those we love. So glad you had a rip-roarin' time. I love, love Disney. Walt Disney is the MAN!
Life is blessed with tender moments and precious memories made with the ones we love.

We love you and are so grateful for you all!

JJones said...

Hery Mary -- We once got stuck in the Haunted Mansion - really fun to see it when the lights were on!

About Me said...

I so loved this trip. It was a blast even if we did walk and walk and walk and walk and stand and stand and stand. I'll always remember it!