February 16, 2013

Random Things

We have been busy doing regular life kind of stuff. I like it that way. We are busy working, playing, and learning. Here are a few pictures taken of our activities. (I also threw in a much younger Orin photo just for fun.)

Cozy book reading
I found Adia all swirled up, in her blanket, with the dog, reading on the floor. Not my idea of a perfect place to read but it was working for her.

Orin pulled out the old scrapbooks and was enjoying looking at himself as a younger person. Those books bring back many fond memories.

Nice weather
The weather the past few days has been quite lovely. The boys took their activities out to the dead front lawn because the sunshine was calling to them. Orin jammed away on the guitar while Hams read for a minute then turned his attention to his iPod. I can't wait until the grass turns green again!

Kicking up dust
Tiller Hams
Tiller man
Hamilton just had to try his hand at rotor-tilling the garden. He thought he was pretty tough stuff pushing and directing that thing around and I have to say he did a pretty good job. Orin also took his turn but Hams let me know that he thought Orin was WAY wimpy-er than he. I, being the mother, had to remind Hamilton that there is no need to compete against each other.

Roller-blading basketball
The kids made sure to make time for roller-blading after their work was finished. They asked Jacob and I to move the cars off the driveway to make room for their little derby. They thought it was great fun to add a basketball to the mix. Had I been the referee, I would have had to call "traveling" on all of them.

Smiling Adia
Injured Hams
It was all fun and games until Hamilton missed a shot, fell while shooting, and crunched his knees. There was a bit of drama after that but we told him, "Life's hard. Move on." (See where we picked that up from here.) That seemed to do the trick and he was back on his blades without too many tears.

And just because I love looking at pictures from back in the day....

Orin showing his style at 4 years old
good things:
1. good books
2. blankets to lay with
3. nice weather

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Jeanette said...

I love the way your family laughs and cries together, plays and works together, and everything in between. Great pictures!