February 12, 2013

Wild Hams

I've been kinda freaking out the past few weeks because I feel like my life is going by in a flash. I'm afraid my kids will be all grown up and gone before I know it. And, as much as I want them to grow up and be responsible, respectable people, I will miss the days and years we've had together.

The Hamster is the baby of the family and he is growing up WAY too fast. Here are a few pictures of my Hams...

Harry Potter Hams
Harry...I mean Ham in 2004
5-25-06 Playing in water
Little swimmer 2005
Hams in door
Hams in 2010
Hams Grin
Wild Hams in the Fall of 2012

Good things:
1. time
2. goggles
3. imagination


Jacob said...

I love that kid. He is amazing! He's got his mother's beautiful eyes.

Grandma J said...

What a cute kid! And yes, they do grow up way too fast!