December 12, 2010

Halloween Pictures

I never did get around to posting some Halloween pictures. So here they are. (The pictures were still on the camera until today.)

As always Hams wanted to be something dead-ish. Good thing he was cool with the Frankenstein costume we already had in the box.

Orin wanted to be the "Ghost from Christmas past". I figured the grim reaper was close enough.

Adia is a bit too old to trick-or-treat so we didn't make a new costume for her this year. Crazy thing is, she ended up going anyways. (We figured since she was all dressed up and because she is so short, she looked young enough to go just one more year.)

Tootsie got a Halloween sweater to wear downtown at the festivities too!

This year I got Jake to dress up because we were invited to a "How to Host a Murder" dinner party. You just HAVE to get into character for one of those. We had a great time. I was a cowgirl who dressed manly and Jake was a loner Indian chief. The picture isn't so good cause it was taken with my phone. Sorry.

I wanted to dress up at the ward Halloween party too so I used what I had in the box and came up with a Corpse Bride. I got the white dress at a yard sale a couple of years ago for $0.25. You can't beat that! I wish I had gotten a picture of the whole costume but I didn't. I thought it was pretty inventive and nifty. In person, I looked way creepy. My family was worried I would scare all the little kids at the party.

I love Halloween. I love it because it is the only holiday that is ALL about the candy. You get to use your imagination and come up with a costume and then beg for free candy from strangers. What's NOT fun about that?

I can't resist any longer so I am copying T's "good things". She said I could.

good things:
1. thrift stores
2. spray paint
3. strangers who give away free candy


JNS said...

Hey...don't you need my permission to post that picture of me? Although I have to admit you helped me look way awesome as a loner indian chief. Just so everyone knows, my name was "Chief Break-Wind." Yep.

I couldn't have done the costume thing w/o you. Like I always say, you are pretty awesome lady!

Grandma J said...

You are so creative! Great job with the costumes. I'll call you next Halloween to help me with mine. Okay?

kate said...

Awesome costumes!!!