December 5, 2010

The Printer Blues

The other day I ran into a problem. I went to print something I was working on and forgot to change the printer preferences. Don't ask me why I have to change the printer preferences when I want to print something landscape instead of portrait. I just know I have to. Well, because I didn't change those preferences I really messed things up.

It turns out that today's printers have a mind of their own. My printer decided that because it got a bit confused, it had a paper jam. Funny thing is, it didn't. It never did have a paper jam. Not once. Not ever. And it wouldn't believe me when I told it so. It just kept on being "jammed".

I print stuff everyday. I HAVE to have a working printer. I was irritated for a few days. Then I got depressed. I got the printer blues because I realized that I had to break down and buy a new printer when it seemed to me that I had a perfectly good printer. A perfectly good, confused printer.

Jacob finally got sick of all my complaining and when he was in Reno yesterday he picked up a new printer. A new, younger, non-confused printer. Hopefully I won't do something stupid and cause this one to "jam" too. So for now, I don't have to have the printer blues and I hope it stays that way.


mom said...

sounds silly, but did you try unplugging the printer? sometimes that makes it forget it is jammed.

Lady Fox said...

I tried everything. I even got my brother involved. (He knows his computer stuff inside and out.) He told me the printer was a gonner. I finaly had to accept the fact that it really was dead.

Jeanette said...

I can relate to the sci-fi world of technology. Weird stuff happens!

Grandma J said...

I hate techno problems too. Amazing how they can ruin your life.