January 14, 2013

A New Hobby

One of the best gifts I've ever been given was from my parents for my high school graduation. (Go Tigers!) It was a Pfaff 875 Hobbymatic sewing machine. A simple yet sturdy piece of equipment. She, (yes, the machine is a female and I've found that talking to machines keeps them happy) is a beast. She sews through thick and thin, uphill and down.

I have always loved her and now I love her even more since I've discovered machine quilting. I never knew I could do that with this lady. I've quilted by hand; hated it! I've quilted on the industrial machine at the local quilt shop; loved that. But, it is not the cheapest solution or most convenient.  Thanks to my newly ordered free motion pressure foot I can sit around and sew swirly-gigs on quilts all day long while being cozied up with my fireplace. I'm happy.

I decided to do a simple 9 patch quilt to practice my new found skill on. I usually won't pin a thing if I don't absolutely have to, but on this occasion I took my sweet little time to match up every little intersection on this quilt top. The pinning paid off! They lined up perfectly.

The intersections may have been perfect, but my free motion swirly-gigs were not. Some stitches are bigger than others and my lines may have criss-crossed a few times but who's judging? I enjoyed myself immensely.

I made sure to add a little quilt tag to make sure this new hobby of mine goes down in history!

good things:
1. parents who are wise
2. hobbies
3. a family who lets me make a mess


Beth said...

Excellent job! Your quilt looks fantastic.

Mary said...

Looks so so good. So when's our quilting night going to be?

terra said...

Love the lovelylady fox tag, perfect! yes, when is the quilting night. my house is available

Jacob said...

I like the projects! It is always fun to see you do crafts. I'm glad you blogged... Maybe I'll follow your example. :)

Jennifer said...

Very nice!! One day I'll be half as crafty and cool as you! At least I hope so :)

agratefulheart said...

You did an awesome job! And wow! A blog post? Impressive! hehe :) Love your quilt!

Jeanette said...

Your passion for life and gratitude shine out through your talents. I love this awesome quilt, and admire your positive energy.