February 5, 2013

Family Photo

Gathering together for a family photo is something that always puts me in a bad mood. The sun is too shinny, to many shadows, everyone is squinting, the world around us is dead and ugly, we don't have anything to wear that matches, etc.

This time I was prepared, emotionally, for the ordeal. I was NOT going to get grumpy about it this time. I was going to be calm and collect the entire time. This is how it went down:

1. I warned everyone several days in advance. "On Saturday we are going to do a family photo."

2. Saturday morning I reminded everyone. "Don't forget today is the day for our photo shoot."

3. I made everyone shower, brush their teeth, and do their hair. (Tootsie was the exception to this one.)

4. I only required everyone to wear a solid colored shirt. I didn't care beyond that what they wore. (I let go of the control freak inside of me.)

5. I set up the camera on the tripod.

6. I decided to use the bench that normally sits on the front porch as a prop. So I had Jake move it around back against the fence.

7. I called for everyone to come. They came. A miracle.

8. I had them all sit down on the bench.

9. I pushed the little timer button....

10. I ran to my spot.

11. The camera went blink, blink, blink, blink. Then picture, picture, picture, picture, picture, picture, picture....

12. That was it. I excused everyone. I had not become ornery. Another miracle.

I didn't fuss. I didn't gripe. I didn't even worry if they turned out perfect. We aren't perfect. Why should our photo be? Besides, I only needed them to put on our family Valentines card. At least now we have something current just in case someone dies. (See my previous post HERE.)

The family
The kids
The dog
good things:

1. cloudy days
2. toothbrushes
3. self-timer option


JJones said...

Even the dog is looking at the camera!!!

Jennifer said...

You've got a good looking family! Your kids are the cutest too! Such a good shot of them. I hope my family can turn out as good as yours when we are that far along :)

Mary said...

All our best shots are spontaneous. Whenever there is a real photographer Annie gets so mad. Great pics. Orin's hair is so cute all combed.

Jeanette said...

Beautiful pictures! Nobody is even squinting! Quite an accomplishment, the family and the photo shoot!

Jacob said...

My favorite family photo attempt ever. Less than 15 minutes! Great results too! We've got some good looking kids, if I can be somewhat braggy.... :)

Grandma J said...

Beautiful pictures! Great family! What a great way to solve the problem of the photo shoot.