February 7, 2013

Guitar Lessons

The family was given a guitar for Christmas way back in 2011. I have always wanted my children to learn how to play this magnificent instrument. I didn't want to force anyone though and so I have been patiently waiting for the day someone would get the desire to pick it up and start fiddling with it. That day has arrived.

For several months now Orin has been strapping on the guitar and picking at it. He printed off a few chord charts and went to work. Then he started asking to take lessons. I didn't call and set up lessons right away because I wanted to see just how serious he was. But every week or so he would ask me. I finally decided he was serious enough when he put it on his birthday wish list. After I told him I would hook him up with lessons he went ahead and crossed it off.

Birthday list
I got a recommendation for a guitar teacher from our town's very own expert musician, Mr. Flemming. He told me of a man who gives lessons and that this man would be excited to see a serious guitar student come his way. So, between Jacob and I, we set it up. Guitar lessons for Orin were really going to happen.

Anyone who knows Orin knows how serious his expressions are. He smiles only when HE wants to. He can be hard to read. When I took him to his first lesson, I sat in on it and watched closely. Orin wasn't really smiling but oh, his eyes were twinkling! I could tell he was loving it. He was happy.  Mr. Little (the teacher) was probably thinking, "This kid needs to liven up a bit." But I'm telling you, Orin was in 7th heaven. It won't take long for Mr. Little to figure out Orin.

Mr. Little taught him how to play "A Horse With No Name" by America. And, Orin asked him to help him learn some Jack Johnson so they got started on that too. I don't think Orin has missed a day practicing. I hope this new love of Orin's will continue on forever.

Orin Guitar Lesson
First guitar lesson

good things:
1. music
2. teachers
3. simple wishes


Mary said...

Awesome. I love the guitar. Is such a fun thing to take wherever you want to go. I played just tonight. Sounds like we need a banjo/guitar/guitar jam session soon

Jennifer said...

I've always wanted to learn the guitar and violin. Kinda jealous :)